All about Hilton

Hilton is a garden suburb with wide verges and houses set back from the street creating a vision of green open space.  Numerous large trees populate the suburb, both as street trees and in parks and private gardens.  There are  five parks in Hilton:  Hilton Park, Grigg Park, Griffiths Park, Moorni Boorn (Black Stump) Park and Collick Street Playground. Hilton consists of approximately 1600 homes bordered by Carrington Street, Winterfold Road, Stock Road and South Street.  There is also a section extending beyond South Street, known at North Hilton.

Hilton gained its name from being the town on the hill, one of the highest points in the Fremantle area.  It was created in the 1950s as a home for workers in the factories of what is now O’Connor.  The end of WWII saw a rapid increase in the population with returning soldiers and many European immigrants needing housing.  Many Hilton homes still standing today arrived in boxes from Austria as completely prefabricated houses.  The suburb consists largely of  homes built in the 1950s and 60s, although newer homes are being built as urban infill continues.

Because of its unique heritage and garden suburb status, Hilton is covered by the Hilton Planning Policy which prohibits most home demolitions and governs new buildings and renovations. Builders and home owners need to be aware of the policy before commencing works.  The City of Fremantle can provide further information.

Hilton has a varied population of many cultures from young families to retired seniors, and a strong community spirit, with many community activities centred around the Hilton Harvest Community Garden which holds an annual Twilight Concert. The Fremantle PCYC is also utilised by many in the City of Fremantle for gymnastics classes, other sports and as a meeting place. The PCYC also contains the City of Fremantle Toy Library, frequented by many families of young children. There is also a Child Health centre next the PCYC.

Hilton is serviced by shops on South Street including two coffee shops, Hilltop Coffee and Charlie’s, an IGA, Gilbert’s Fresh and another coffee shop, The Local Cafe and Sweet Indulgence  Patisserie on Paget Street. Other businesses located in Hilton include, Next Wave Physiotherapy, South Street Ale House, Curry Club Indian Restaurant, Pharmacy 777, Fremantle Family Doctors, Hela Master Butcher, a badminton centre and more!

Hilton Primary School has a large property surrounded by mature trees bounded by Rennie Crescent and has been in existence for 60 years. Its location is distinctly in the centre of the suburb. It is a great school with a country feel, attended by many local residents.  Children love walking to school, meeting and seeing their friends on the way.


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