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by Freospace on 15 August, 2012

Our next meeting will be held on 21st Aug, 2012 at the Progress Hall, 7:00 pm.

We have a Speaker from the Fremantle Wind Farm who is keen to involve the local community in a project for energy generation.  It is imperative that new networks of community groups take the initiative in the development of sustainable power solutions for the future.  The future is in local “empowerment” as opposed to large corporations, supported by government  owning the power generation facilities.  The benefits are several, including, issues of transparency in pricing, awareness of power usage and power generation in the future or sustainability.

Mr Louis Kent is the representative from the community proposal and he seeks to inform and recruit support from local community groups.  You can see their website and arm yourselves with questions and suggestions with regards to this development idea. You may visit their website so that you can ask many questions.  I hope you will support our speaker.


The latest copy of the Precinct guidelines are available here:

Precinct Guidelines_August 2012_final


Matters that arise from Council Media Releases

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