Chair returns from India and Agenda for Meeting 20th March

by Freospace on 11 March, 2012

Hello friends and lovers of Hilton,

It’s great to be back home after nine weeks of absence, which started before Christmas 2011.  My parents were both 90 last December and I was away to celebrate and attend to their health and wellbeing.  Thanks to Mary Ann Goodlich and Bob Smith who managed the first meeting of 2012 on February 21st.  Thanks also to Kay Raymond from the City of Fremantle who is always helpful.

The next meeting of the precinct will be on Tuesday, 20 March 2012 at the Hilton Community Centre, 7 pm.   This is an important event when there will be a presentation/ discussion regarding the proposed City of Fremantle Planning Amendment 49.  This will also be a combined meeting with the Beaconsfield precinct.  The Mayor was due to make the presentation, but we have since been advised that he will not attend but will be replaced by Cr Josh Wilson.  The precinct has invited a speaker from the Fremantle Society to provide an alternative view regarding this amendment.  Former Cr. John Dowson has agreed to participate at our meeting and we are very pleased that he has agreed to come.  The presentation will stimulate discussion and the information provided will be useful for all of us residents and ratepayers.  Please do attend in numbers there will be some tea or coffee and biscuits.

We were also due to be addressed by the architect of the recent renovations to the Hilton Community Centre, Mr Bernard Seeber, but as there may be little time at the forthcoming meeting we have scheduled his presentation for the following month, in April.  These presentations are in keeping with our promise to make the meetings more informative and with a speaker who is relevant to our concerns in the local area.

There is another item, which is urgent and it is to form a working committee to plan the next Hilton Heritage Dance.  Since the closing date for registration is 18th March, I have made the appropriate request and have booked the Progress Hall as the venue.  We hope that we will be able to have an appropriate community celebration in our very own hall, which was not completed the last time.  We would also like this event to be on the annual events calendar.  With our neighbouring precinct present we invite them to join us in creating another vibrant event and Community dance.

I’d like to add a reminder that the Hilton Harvest Twilight Fair is on March 31st please try to attend it and mark Earth Hour. For info visit  website, or call Helen on 0410 285 469.

Wishing you all the very best, hope the year has begun well for you all and see you soon.


Noorel Mecklai

Precinct Chair

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