New Precinct Convenor and Secretary

by Freospace on 7 November, 2011

Dear All,

I’d just like to let you all know that since the last precinct meeting, the AGM I was “elected” as precinct convenor and that I will be using this email list to send you information regarding precinct meetings and other matter of interest as they arise. I used the term “elected” in inverted commas because really I was the only person who put my hand up for the job, and that is not really an election, but because I am passionate about seeing the community come together and to create opportunities for its expression, enjoyment, and to improve our quality of life I basically volunteered for the job. Mary Ann Goodlich who shares my aspirations volunteered to be the precinct secretary.

I’d really like to develop communication through the “” site and build better communication that all can access rather than just getting emails that I know some of you resist. The minutes of the last meeting will be up there soon. I’d like your comments and posts here.

I’d also like to develop a list of handy persons, energy exchange and other services that will hopefully offer their work at “mates rates” so that we can get the advantage of getting work close to home.

We also have a number of events that I would like to organise, I’m looking for speakers on various aspects of community life — health matters, travelogues, story tellers to perhaps hold a session as part of the monthly precinct meetings so that we can use the opportunity for a community gathering and sharing. It would be great f more of you will attend the meetings and I like the idea of bringing a plate and a drink to share so that it really is an opportunity to know your neighbours and to do things with more of a consensus of residents. We have a great hall now and I’d like the community to take ownership of it to hold events, like talks, workshops, and film nights etc., and not just have a council officer plan its use. We are trying to be a part of the organisation of the formal opening of the Hilton Progress Hall/PCYC and I’d also like that the community has equal stake as the PCYC does of the wonderful space created by the recent council driven renovations.

If you have any ideas and suggestions or if we need to reconsider Meeting times which currently stand as the third Tuesday of the month at 7pm. please let me know. Please keep a dialogue going. I look forward to seeing you at the Council’s function and the meeting on November 15th, 2011 at 7 pm. Bring along a friend and/or neighbour too.

All the best,

Noorel Mecklai

Ph: 9314 5209

I prefer the landline as there is a message bank or email, thanks.

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