Precinct minutes – September

by Freospace on 21 September, 2011

Precinct minutes.           HiltonParkPrecinct

Date:                                    September  20th 2011

Venue:                                BERBuildingHiltonParkPrimary School.

Time:                                   7pm.

Chair:                                    Noorel

Attendees:         Dave Hume, Mary-Anne Goodlich, Bill Massie, Sam Wainwright, Bob Smith,

Apologies:                          Mary Barton,

Minutes:                              minutes previously circulated


Well done to Aaron and his team, hopefully we can get publicity for this good news story.

PCYCopening at end of month, bill to investigate official opening and flyer to get local photos-then & now.

Bill Massie:  redevelopment proposal for area north ofSouth St shops, approved awaiting minister

Sam Wainwright: Council is in preliminary discussions with access Housing re: Fred Wright homes (cnr Paget & Rennie) regarding redeveloping, whilst maintaining the low income status. Access housing can access government monies, council cannot -ongoing.

Bus stop (Paget St–outside #4) some difficulty with Public Transport authority, Cost, ‘Embayment”-bus off road, and sight lines from driveway. Hopefully we can overcome, in the interim the seat (East side of stop) has been removed . Suggested canterlevered design of shelter would help sight lines.

Sam’s campaign to reduce speeds onSouth St(between Stock & Carrington) is hopeful, needs more community input, contact Sam for details.

Increases in council rates, disturbingly 30% increase for council electricity costs, interesting with 19% pay increase for western Power execs.                                                                                          Dave pointed out that “capital works” in our area –PCYC& Dick Lawrence were funded from outside budget so it is disappointing that these are included in rationale for rate increases.

Road to rail meeting held recently, outlined the arguments such as 600,000 container movements currently increasing to 1.2 million by 2050, IF 30% of those were carried by rail there would be no increase in current truck movements, but current government has reduced rail subsidy and will eliminate completely, meaning MORE road freight. Got to 18% rail, now at 11%, forecast this year to fall to 8.5%. Perhaps a strategy to garner support for Roe 8? This issue WILL affect local residents with increased congestion on Winterfold, Stock, Carrington & Hampton Rds,

Demolitions by Homeswest continue to be a problem. Concerns raised of loss of trees being detrimental to suburb.  

Meeting closed8:30pm.



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